Oregon State Pageant

More Info Coming Soon!

There are plenty of Sponsorship opportunities for everyone.
Every Participant should be able to attend the Oregon State pageant!

Each participant that has attended a Cinderella Preliminary this pageant
year, or Cameo Girl State Pageant is eligible to attend the Oregon State Pageant. This does not apply to Babies and Prince Charming. The State is open for any participants to join the Cinderella State Baby Pageant who live in Oregon and meet the age requirements for their division. 

You were emailed your State Handbook in the last few months.
If you did not receive it download it from the resources at your left.
Please read over the paperwork first before you reach out as these form should answer most of your questions.

You can email the State office at orstatecinderella@gmail.com and one will be sent to you and any questions you have will be answered! The Handbook provides all of the details for our State Pageant including competition details, sponsorship, Awards, and party details.