Modeling Music

Click the links below to hear the modeling music that will be used at all of our pageants. It's been a signature of the Cinderella Pageant from the beginning! You can use this music to practice. Collective Judging music is for the group judging portion of the competition after Party Wear and Causal Wear. During Casual Wear you will say your introduction, but not during Party Wear. Google Cinderella Pageant modeling and see examples of the modeling on you tube!

Here's a great link to an instructional video on the Cinderella style of modeling that covers all age groups from another state. I think it's very informative. I think tots pick it up the best watching videos of their peers actually doing it.

10 Partywear Modeling Segments
00:00 / 08:04
10 Casualwear Modeling segments
00:00 / 07:52
Collective Judging
00:00 / 01:05