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Cameo Pageant Information

Cameo Girl Competition

The “Cameo Model” has long

been revered in the modeling

profession for her features and

beauty. This is a natural

pageant. Cameo showcases

stage confidence and poise.


Ages are 3 - 18yrs + and will be

broken into the following age

divisions: 3-4, 5-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-17, 18 -29. Age divisions MIGHT be combined so that a minimum of “3” entrants per division is achieved, but we are seeking 6 overall winners. Sign up at the link on ur home page!

Age is determined on the day of the pageant. There is 1 (one) Overall official Overall Round State Cameo Crown, Custom Sash and trophy per age division. Alternates will receive a Official Cinderella Cameo Trophy. Participants will model 1 (one) gown. The style is "fancier' than the Cinderella dress style at our state level. Sparkle and floor length gowns are allowed. Participants will say their name age and where they are from onstage.

Winners will represent the state for the next year in upcoming parades and local events and are eligible to attend the International Cameo Pageant in Dallas, TX last 1st weekend in July 2022, as well as the Oregon State Cinderella Pageant in June 2022. They will crown next years royalty at the next State Cameo Pageant. To enter this pageant the entry fee is $95. Winners receive official Cameo Girl Round Crown, Sash and Trophy. If you are a sibling, the first participant is $95 and each additional is $65.

*****Overall Title Winners obligation is to attend the Bend Christmas Parade Dec 2022 Bend, OR - always the first weekend in Dec and the next years Cameo Pageant in 2023, Feb to hand down their title*****
We are offering Optionals at this Pageant:
Optional categories are a lot of fun! They give you or your child another chance to take home extra awards! (Note that optionals have no bearing on the pageant. It's strictly an extra way to be recognized.) Best model is a free style modeling in your Cameo dress and is awarded Tiara, Sash and Awards Ribbon. Show off your personality!
Other optionals such as prettiest smile, personality plus, best gown, prettiest hair etc. are offered as well. Winners of those divisions receive a trophy and sash. ($20 pageant fee for Best Model Optional and
 all other optionals are $10. One winner in each category. Participants must participate in the Cameo Pageant to compete in any Optionals) 

Modeling and Music
Please see the links below for examples of modeling in the Cameo pageant! The contestants will go twice. One when they say their introduction and once with no introduction and just the turn at the middle X. For this pageant your intro's do not need to be this long, but these are examples of the goal. These videos are from internationals and show State Royalty, We will be using the Party Wear  music for the pageant. It is posted on this website for you to practice to.

* Modeling Video Links for Practice *

Cameo modeling music for practice, all ages                                                                                                                                                                                       Modeling 


1 8-29yrs - Women and Teen - Evening Gown Video:
                    Teen Casual Wear - With Introduction 1s:        
                                      SEE BELOW COLLECTIVE JUDGING UNDER TOTS, ALL AGES DO THIS  ONCE!

                                      CAMEO - At this pageant you will need to say your name, age and where you are

                                      from. If you are 14yrs+ include a little more info such as your bobbies, where you

                                      are attending school, or what you would like to pursue for a career. These intro's

                                      don't have o be as long as the intros on the videos  above, those are at



8-12yrs - Miss and Mini Miss Cameo Modeling :

                 Miss Intro for Cameo -   intro for ex:

3-7yrs -Tot Party Wear Modeling:        

      Tot Intro for example, name, age city:

                                          Tot Personality:

                                  (They will do this on stage for about 2 min as practice for Cinderella, it is not judged)

                                  **** All of these videos are of the same tot who won international tot and went on to

                                       win Internationals several times. She's now an adult.***

ALL AGES: Collective Judging:


Also! Check out this video on how to do the Disco Cindy! 

We will all be doing it onstage before trophies!

Disco Cindy Music and Dance instruction:

          Party - State Party doing the Disco: