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The Cinderella Scholarship Program is a 3-tiered system where participants begin competing on the Local (preliminary) level, advance on to the State level, and then ultimately advance to the International level!  The State pageant will be held in June and Internationals is the last week of July in Dallas, Texas.
We will be adding to our schedule in the coming weeks!

What is a "natural" pageant?

Natural pageants are looking for natural kids! Fake hair, false eyelashes, fake teeth and lots of make-up are not allowed. Teens, Women and special circumstances have an exception for hair extensions or false eyelashes. Tots and Mini-Miss are not allowed to wear ANY make-up in interview. Any make up worn for older contestants should be natural and not overdone. Contestants should be dressed and act age appropriately. Clothing is recommended to be "off the rack" but custom made is allowed. Contestants should model naturally and not have a "routine" or be coached. In Cinderella, We are looking for REAL kids in REAL clothes.

What are the areas of competition?

Areas of competition at a Cinderella Pageant will vary slightly based on age division. All participants will compete in photogenic, casualwear modeling and partywear modeling. At many preliminaries and the state pageant, the Baby divisions will have time with the judges to interact with them and see their personalities. Tot-Woman participants will have a judges interview. Tots will also have an on stage interview while Miniature Miss-Woman participants will compete in talent.

What modeling should I do?

Modeling at an official Cinderella Pageant is judged on the overall appearance of the participants and not their ability to model. The contestant’s walk and turns during casualwear and party dress competition should be natural, smooth and simple. This is not a modeling contest so the judges will not be influenced by affected hand motions, footwork and facial expressions. You only need to know how to stand attractively, walk gracefully to each “Stopping Point” and then exit... nothing more. There are many examples of Cinderella modeling available on YouTube and some preliminaries will hold workshops prior to the pageant. Props, such as tennis rackets, sunglasses, hats, purses, flowers, etc. are not allowed in Cinderella modeling competition.

Can I participate without a Talent?

 Yes! Many common talents you will see will be dancing, singing or playing a musical instrument. While participating in the talent portion is required to win the Overall title (ages 7 & up), there are other talents you may perform such as a monologue or poetry/storytelling. Some of our preliminaries will also offer the option of competing for Beauty Only. You would not participate in the talent portion so would not be eligible for a Talent or Overall award, but would be eligible for a Photogenic or Beauty award. 

Age Eligibility

The Age Divisions are as follows:


Girl's Divisions:

Cinderella Infant – (0-11 months)

Cinderella Baby – (12-23 months)

Cinderella Tiny Tot – (24-35 months)

Cinderella Tot – (3-6 years)

Cinderella Mini Miss – (7-9 years)

Cinderella Miss – (10-12 years)

Cinderella Teen – (13-17 years)

Cinderella Woman – (18-29 years)

Age division eligibility is based on the participants age as of Sept 1 of the current pageant season. For example; if a participant is 9 years on Sept 1 but turns 10 on Sept 2, she is eligible to compete as a Miniature Miss (7-9 age group) throughout that season. If she chooses to move to the Miss division (10-12 age group) at any point during that season, she will not be eligible to go back to the younger division and must compete as a Miss through the remainder of the year. If the participant is 10 years old on or before Sept 1 of the current pageant season, she must compete as a Miss contestant. Participants may not compete in an older division until they have met the age requirement of that division. 

What is Honor Roll?

 An Honor Roll participant is only participating in a preliminary strictly for judges critiques and may only be available to Tot-Woman participants. The entry fee is lower for this, but you will not receive an award or the scholarship to the State Finals. This is only allowed for those who have already won their division previously on the preliminary level.